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All Island Handicapped Sports

Below is a list of related sites to All Island Handicapped Sports. I have organized these sites into five categories: individual sports sites, wheelchair sports sites, Paralympic sites, handicapped sports leagues, and other handicapped sites. In addition, a short list of the "dead tree version" of information (commonly known as books)

Handicapped Sports Organization Sites

  1. National Softball Association for the Deaf
  2. National Wheelchair Basketball Association - (frames warning) offers an extensive history of wheelchair basketball.
  3. National Foundation of Wheelchair Tennis
  4. American Wheelchair Bowling Association page on "BowlerWeb"
  5. World Organisation Volleyball for Disabled (WOVD)
  6. USTA Wheelchair Tennis
  7. Wheelchair Racing Resource Page
  8. Special Equestrian Riding Therapy, Inc., Therapeutic Riding for the Disabled
  9. U.S. Disabled Volleyball Team (USDVT)
  10. Cycling: Competitive Cycling Coordinator
  11. Achilles Track Club
  12. Long Island Wheelchair Athletic Club, is a New York State not-for-profit corporation, constitutionally run for 13 years, formed to provide competitive athletics for the physically-challenged
  13. Disabled Sports USA is a national nonprofit, tax exempt organization providing sports and recreation services to children and adults with disabilities.

Wheelchair Sports Sites
  1. The Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games is expected to attract 5000 athletes and 1000 officials and technical personnel from 125 countries.
  2. Research in Wheelchair Sports
  3. Accessible disabled accessible wheelchair handicapped playground equipment manufacturers,manufacturer,access
  4. Welcome to the New South Wales Wheelchair Sports Association (NSWWSA), Inc.
  6. Wheelchair Racing Resource Page

Paralympic Sites
  1. Official Paralympic Games
  2. The International Paralympic Committee, founded on September 21st, 1989 in Dusseldorf by the six international organizations for sport for the disabled and the nations attending the Inaugural General Assembly.
  3. Live From Nagano
  4. International Paralympic Committee Home Page
  6. Canadian Paralympic Committee

Other leagues (similar to All-Island Sports)
  1. The Hartford's Break Away program's and The Hartford's Team Ability pages - another disabled sports league, like AIS, with a well designed site
  2. Lakeshore Foundation Super Sports and Junior Wheelchair Athletics
  3. S.T.R.I.D.E.: Sports and Therapeutic Recreation Instruction / Developmental Education - organized complete with a table of contents

Other Handicapped Sites
  1. USA Sled Hockey - Photos of the 1998 Paralympics in Nagano Japan
  2. British Sledge Hockey Association
  3. Everest Challenge '98 is an expedition to place the first disabled mountaineers on the roof of the world. It is conceptualized, organized and led by Tom Whittaker, a disabled mountaineer. It includes a service learning project combining Prescott College students, Idaho State University's C.W. HOG program (Cooperative Wilderness Handicapped Outdoor Group) and disabled people from 7 nations. Everest Challenge '98 is providing the motivation and educational initiative to provide teachers with the tools to address disability issues in the classroom.
  4. United States Cerebral Palsy Athletic Association (USCPAA) aims to provide both individualized sports training and competitive opportunities for atheletes with cerebral palsy, or other related challenges, such as traumatic brain injuries or strokes. This site also includes latest updates on plans for the 2000 Paralympic Games in Sydney, Australia
  5. Physical Activity & Disability Research Group
  6. The National Ability Center
  7. CRUISERS SPORTS for the Disabled of Halton-Peel
  8. Yahoo! - : Disabilities: Sports and Recreation: Organizations
  9. Minnesota Broken Wing Home Page
  10. No Limits
  12. IN SPORTS HISTORY - HANDICAPPED PLAYERS - Conway's Sports Research
  13. NEHSA History
  14. Footloose Home Page
  15. Welcome to the New South Wales Wheelchair Sports Association (NSWWSA), Inc.
  16. [no title]
  17. TRR Sports and Recreation Links
  18. Wheelbase Home Page-TRR Sports and Recreation Links
  19. CP-ISRA
  20. International Chair in Olympism
  21. Disabled Sports USA
  22. Caltex Parafed 1997 Sports Champs for Disabled Athletes
  23. Mesa Association of Sports for the Disabled
  24. Arizona Special Olympics
  25. History of Disability Sport in Canada
  26. Special Olympics International
  27. Rick Hansen Centre
  28. DS/USA Links to Other Disability Related Sites
  29. The Latest from DS/USA!
  30. Sport & Recreation
  31. Sports Organizations By and For Disabled Persons
  32. National Handicapped Sports and Recreation Association.
  33. Sports 'n spokes. (in MARION)
  34. Handicapped Sports Scholarships and Grants

Printed Sources:

  1. Bourke, Joanna. Dismembering The Male. Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1996.
  2. Bryan, Willie V. In Search of Freedom. Springfield, Ill., C.C. Thomas, 1996.
  3. Little, Jan. If It Weren't For The Honor--I'd Rather Have Walked. Cambridge, Mass: Brookline Books, c1996.
  4. Mitchell, David T., and Sharon L. Snyder. The Body and Physical Difference: Discourses of Disability. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, c1997.

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